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No, we do not make refunds. All payments made to are final and irrevocable. An exception may be individual cases that are solved individually. If you do not agree with this condition, please do not use our services.
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We can not give a 100% guarantee of safety, but:
- To avoid ban, we limit the number of viewer bots.
- When testing the service, we ran 400 viewer bots to different chat rooms and they were not blocked afterwards.
- How they can ban accounts, if it is difficult to prove that the customer of our service is You, and not someone else, who would like to discredit a competitor's account.
No, you enter the nickname directly in the form for start viewer-bots.
We guarantee complete confidentiality. To register, you only need a working E-mail (to recover the password if it is lost).
We provide viewerbots service. As for raising to the top, we do not give any guarantees. We have many customers who have successfully used the services for more than a year. And there are also those whom she did not help at all. ViewerBot is not a panacea, a lot depends on the model. Before ordering, you can try the service for free to understand whether it is suitable for you or not.
According to the long experience of working with Twitch, when greedy competitors appeared who started launching thousands of viewerbots, Twitch changed the algorithms and introduced such restrictions that now it’s very difficult to wind up even 400 viewers. Accordingly, prices have increased significantly. Therefore, we will do our best to avoid this for Webcam sites.
In addition, the likelihood of a ban on the model’s account increases.
It is not profitable for us. The cost of creating colored accounts will exceed our income because accounts are often blocked.
We do not have a desktop or mobile application. Our software is SaaS.