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I have tried the service and it works magnificently, it helps raise the model account to a higher level, it also helps increase profits as an independent model, I am very happy to have hired the service.

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I recently tried using the website for boosting views on Bongacams, and my experience was quite positive. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy to navigate even for beginners. The service provided an effective boost in viewership, significantly increasing my audience during live streams. Additionally, the customer support was responsive and helpful, addressing any questions I had promptly. Overall, I am satisfied with the results and would recommend this service to anyone looking to enhance their Bongacams presence.


Excellent support for Chaturbate. This year, after 7 years of working on Chaturbate, I struggled a lot with traffic.
After starting to use ViewerBot, within 2 weeks the condition improved significantly.
I recommend!!!


I have been looking for a suitable site with the necessary functionality for a long time and finally found it! There were always problems on other similar platforms: I had to contact support and fix the problems repeatedly. Here, everything works without failures and delays, and I can handle any tasks on my own. I am very glad that I found your site, thank you very much!


Thank you very much! Your site has been helping me to promote my accounts for years!!! everything works great. and the price is simply unrealistic nowadays!
thank you for your work!
all the best:*


Everything works fine cam4, before that I stuck to the very top page, now I have moved forward. Honestly, I thought that this was not possible, I thought about it for a long time and I don’t regret it!


I recommend the platform, it is very feasible, it works 100%, there is no doubt So if you are looking for a way to increase the visits and positioning of your models, this is the best and affordable option.

it`s me

Really great service! Traffic helps to remain upstairs! I would like more registered users, but even since there is now, it works fine. The number of guests comes evenly and smoothly. Everything is just as in the desсription.


Really liked the bot, the interface is as user friendly and clear as possible, and when enabled the bot instantly goes to work. Also there are bots for different sites, which maximizes the work . Thank you!

Полина Bonga

The service is a great help in promoting a page, the trial period showed its effectiveness, now I use it every day, it helps me earn more, the price for the service is reasonable, 350 more people come in x2


I've been using it for over a year to help my cam4 room, it works exactly as I need it to: every 30s it adds 1 view to the room until it adds 20, that's enough to take me off the last page and not raise suspicions, I've never received any notification, apparently no one suspects, it's perfect! Thanks ViewerBot :)


guys, very good site, clear, excellent, everything works great, the price corresponds to the work, without deception, the money came and before choosing a tariff, the tariffs are not expensive and they help a lot, the best cheat I found on the Internet platform, in general, I recommend it myself


I recommend the platform, it is very feasible, it works 100%, there is no doubt So if you are looking for a way to increase the visits and positioning of your models, this is the best and affordable option.


I have been looking for a site with such functionality for a long time, and finally found it!!! There were constant problems on such sites. It was necessary to write to support 10 times and get things working. And here there are no failures, no lags. You can do everything yourself. I’m incredibly glad that I found you, thank you)


Good service, if used according to the instructions it works great. I wish it was possible to adjust the number of viewers without restarting the task


the cheat worked with a bang, +2000tk , the boost gives 40% of new users, if yours is not going very well, a very profitable cheat that allows you to get into the top rooms and promotes you


I often use the services of cheating bots, it helps out a lot, it's convenient to pay and choose the number of bots, I hope you will continue to exist! Thank you for your support in difficult moments.


it's a great app, easy to use and the bots do their job well!!! I'm waiting for you to add MFC as well. Maș bucura să am aici toate platformele cu care lucrează modele mele


It's so easy to add funds. Go ahead just do it. Take your stream to a new level.

After Trial you see its real. Support is good too. News keep you updated on site.


Every time I order from them, I always get a lot more viewers. I went with 350 bots and I increased the number of viewers from 65to almost 700!
Excellent service in both stripchat and chaturbat


Cheating really helps to promote new modules, in the usual way, attracting will take a lot of time, especially if you are not being paid, and this service helps with this and reduces time. There was a time when this service raised the model to the 1st place on the main tab of Bongacams


everything went fine, they wind up even more than you order, there can be no bans for this, you just refer to the fact that your ill-wisher can order a cheat and that's all, in a word, the service is cool


Hello, I have a big one with activity in the room, and accordingly in the list of models I am in last place. And desperate to attract views to the room, and quite successfully, so also very cheap. I add myself 50 views, and I am perfect, thank you very much. the best.


Super service! thanks, everything works great! I wish you prosperity! with your help, we managed to revive the room and hold the position! I will use!


Every time i have ordered from them i always end up with much more viewers. i went with the 350 bots and i reached 650 viewers to almost 700!
great service in both stripchat and chaturbate!


very well! thank you! good quality services and extra time for viewers! and best prices! and quick response. very good platform. i will recommend it with pleasure, thank you


Hello, I have a big one with activity in the room, and accordingly in the list of models I am in last place. And desperate to attract viewings to the room, and quite successfully, so also very cheaply. I add myself 50 views, and I am perfect, thank you very much


I tried a free test, I liked everything, now I use it all the time. A stable increase in members at all sites is underway, I am very satisfied. If you are just starting to stream, then with proper use it will help a lot for your broadcasts.


Very fast payment,Very easy and usefull.I love you guys.You are the best, nice, friendly, support very fast answer, I love this application.. And always they work fast when some errors occure. !!


The service is incredibly awesome. It helps a lot in promotion of Stripchat's account. Thank you for coming up with this tool to cheat viewers, which has never failed!


I use it for bongacams and it works PERFECT ! I AM ON FIRST PAGE IN SITE ALWAYS and high position plus raise of camscore! I will try on chaturbate tomorrow.i ll keep u updated. thank you


A very good site with which you can cheat viewers and bring your camera to the TOP for higher attendance. The cheat pays off within 30 minutes. I RECOMMEND!


Great app. Helped to move the room to the top a little. Works differently with different sites. But, the application is definitely worth your attention.


I have been using the service for several years, it has never failed.
Even if there are some changes in the work of the sites, the guys promptly fix the bot.


I have been working with this service for more than a year, everything works fine. It is especially pleasing how viewers are recruited on bongacams. I also want to add about convenient payment methods


I successfully promote my model on Bongacams, but I managed to get a good start only with the help of this particular service. Now we are planning to expand to 3 more platforms, we will start the same way with the viewerbot.
If we talk about the work of the service, everything goes fine with payments, the write-offs are correct and fast, the cheating occurs according to the selected number of bots and the time of their appearance.
In general, to start on a webcam - I strongly recommend this service!

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The first time I decided to try it, I took 50 viewers and everything works. Now I'm taking 100 viewers. A great website is simple and everything is clear, how many bots you take, so many come. Thank you very much, you have helped a lot with earnings. I will continue to use this site


thanks to this bot, I managed to increase the number of visitors and thereby raise my page in the search results.
It's very easy to figure out how to set everything up. Even without much knowledge and without the help of studios, each model can promote their room.


It is very easy to use and I`m satisfied with the results. Easy to use to a big variety of cam sites. Instant top up and results. I have tried to use it with chaturbate and works perfectly. But there s more to it and you can check it yourself.


This is a really nice service and very easy to manage and configure. Highly recommend for an affordable boost that actually works every time. No issues at all. Thank you so much this is a definate game changer in the camming scene.


The first time I decided to try it, I took 50 viewers and everything works. Now I'm taking 100 viewers. A great website is simple and everything is clear, how many bots you take, so many come. Thank you very much, you have helped a lot with earnings. I will continue to use this site


I just started using this promotion, everyone likes it, after such promotions I got to the first page,
Try to give a trial promotion, which is very lured) how much it ended, immediately threw money and bought for the money) Thank you!!! Prosperity and with a ghost)


I have been using this site for over a year now. They left only a positive impression. No site received a ban. Constant updates and available support. It's the perfect option to liven up your room and motivate more members to come over!


incredible service! registered users really!! i love it
i work with it always
its excellent! recommended...... I used by chaturbate and stripchat and works perfect


This stuff really works. Helps me get more tips and more viewers! The price is so right too. Never had any problems. These guys are the real deal! You have a return customer from me for a long time to come. Keep up the outstanding work!


The only really well-functioning cheat service that can consistently help to make online in the adult sphere. I advise you to use! This is a really good service with fast work.


Everything is super! I've been cheating for more than a month. I haven't found any cons yet, the prices are great! Bots come quickly. A very convenient and intuitive website. Thank you!)


I tried a free test for the first time, 200+ members came, I am very satisfied, I bought a package for $10, I use it, so far everything is fine, I advise you, if the model is new, it will not be bad


Thank you patient))the payment was made quickly and on time.I am very satisfied the future, I will always use your services, because this is the most profitable site for promotion.


Thank you so much, I was able to use my account right after I ordered from VISA. It works like expected and it's easy to use. Hope to have more features soon to green, blue and purple users and make possible to auto follow

Alex FunnyStudio

Here to do a feedback for both the Charge and Support. Charged the account with BTC. also contacted support for additional info. Everything was successful. The support was great and provided all the info i needed. I`m a happy camper.


I often to use this site for my job.I would like to say, this is really working, recommend! In hard moments when in my room were less people,i turning on bot and amount of people raise up.


I am satisfied with the service and competence of the support staff . We helped to solve the problem in a short time . I advise the service to make a high - quality cheat.


I just started using this promotion, I like everything, after such promotions I got to the first page,
First, they gave a trial promotion, which they lured very much) how it ended, immediately threw in money and bought it for money) Thank you !!! Prosperity and improvement)


I am very surprised with how it works, I have tried several traffic pages and this is the first time that it really works. I am very happy with the response speed of the support and the speed with the handling of payments


I use it recently, bots come quickly, and you can set a delay, this is important. The paymant is light and convenient, the prices are pleasing.
the room comes to life with users, but do not forget that you need to be active! I would like the opportunity for more users, but it is missing for obvious reasons!
I advise there is a trial cheat. recommend


All perfectly.
Thank you very much.
Everything is fast and most importantly honest !!!! Now I will definitely cooperate with you now.
After all, this is a great way to raise your model to the front pages.


Hello. The site is just super. I am very glad that I learned about you. It became easier to work with you, and the most important process went. I will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again for your work.


All by agreement. The number of viewers increased by as much as paid. The website interface is clear and user-friendly. There were no problems. Thank you for the services provided :)


It works very well and it's fast. The users come instant. I like the most for chaturbate the function that you can put your own users. I really like the intuitive dashboard. I'm waiting for new features!


I recommend this site to everyone. Creating users works great, earnings have grown, always provide more users than it is stated, it's worth it. Improve your earnings and room on the site of interest and this will bring you a very good income


Hello everyone I want to tell you about my history of using this bot. This bot is convenient to the point of indecency, very convenient without any pitfalls, and so on. I have been using it since 2020 since winter, and everything is going very successfully, without any problems. Payment: very convenient there are many payment options, it seems there is even bitcoin. In the bot (on all sites available to the bot) there is a control menu that helps you to launch bots as you need. There is a delay time between bots, that is, it will not be possible to suspect you of cheating. The most important thing is not to exceed it, otherwise you will be suspected by guests (not registered members in the chat) on the bot management page (Management) there will be written recommendations that you should follow. There is still support, but I have not had to use it more than once. Have a good earnings for everyone!


I have been using the site for a year now, everything is always correct, the support is responsive and positive.
The number of people is always even more than I order. I advise everyone. Earnings have grown thanks to these guys.


Very good app. Honest app. Working app. Thank you for help.It is so help in my work. Responsive technical support. I answer right away. They help if you have any questions, everyone explains. Polite.


I was skeptical about this kind of services, but I decided to try it, I was satisfied with both the value and the quality, everything is fast, convenient and the main thing is that everything works. Thank you, I will continue to deal with your service, all the best.


Interesting program. I will recommend it to all acquaintances. I don't think it's more effective than this. I will definitely use it from now on.


Hello. I am very glad that you were recommended to me, the website is very cool. Previously, there were few viewers, when for the first time I used your service the viewers became much more, including income. I am very glad that I found out about you. I recommend to everyone who learns about this website.


The bot works, there are no problems with webcam sites. I use it constantly. The number of bots corresponds to the purchase. I am very pleased with the result. Thanks


Works fine all the time. Very good pricing. Also pleasant discounts all the time Convenient interface. I'll use it more and more for sure. I have not regretted using this site


The site is excellent, I use it all the time, no problems, the prices are excellent, a bunch of different services, I want to buy a VIP in the near future


I bought it for a test for a day, everything worked, plus that you can pay extra immediately for a different tariff and not buy it again, a very convenient and understandable panel, I recommend


I have been using this site for a long time, it helps to attract live users, I have never had any problems with administration. The site itself also pleases with speed, convenience and pleasant prices) Thank you, I recommend to all users


I really love this website, helped a lot my job on webcamsites as a model
Best choice!
If you want to get famous!!!


Everything works great, without cheating. I have already used it many times and everything works clearly and quickly. I advise everyone. Top up, subscribe, the site is just a fire, a cannon. I'm glad I came across this site!


I really liked this site, now I have the opportunity to add guests to my room, than to raise your accounts. This is an excellent opportunity to raise your earnings for small means. I highly recommend this site! 10 out of 10.


It seems an efficient and safe service. I have managed to upload users on the transmission. Easy to use and with multiple options for different websites. Excellent service.


The service works fine without interruption. Each service is executed instantly. Support responds within 24 hours. Thanks for your site, it helped me to promote my profile


A very good application. With the right approach, it gives one hundred percent result. I recommend everyone to try it, it is inexpensive, simple and intuitive interface.


Hello! I have using ViewerBot from some months, maybe around 1 year. I can say that i am very thankful of their services. Site is working very good, all the time. I had a problem with the payment method one time, but it has been solved by Support very fast. So is a site who respect their clients
I think it's a perfect choice at a good price. It helped me a lot and i don't think i will even stop using it.
(: Sorry for my english)


Thanks for this bot. It works like promotion because another people see many viewers in your room and they come too. It helps to get more money and more real good members


At first, I thought this service is not reliable but I decided to try it anyway and I was surprised at how good it is. Works perfectly at affordble price.


his is awesome A super good program It works perfectly ,really helpful and easy to use,very accurate and very friendly interface Thank you guys for what you create,a really helpful tool for models
10 stars


that's really good site, that's really works for me ;) i got more viewers than i wanted so its so cool haha I plan to use this site again and again to help with my work, I also advise everyone)

Mr. Anderssson

I work with viewerbot since two years almost. I've never had a problem with the payments or credit used. The software is great and it works as promise, flawless (never had any problem on either platform). So you can just a give it a try and just convince yourself. Thanks again for one of the greatest service in this business!


Good day! I'm a webcam model. I have been working in this area for a long time. Not so long ago, I took a break from work, and as a result, my rating dropped dramatically, there was a very low attendance and, accordingly, earnings dropped significantly. And then ViewerBot came to my rescue) I managed to raise my rating and increase the number of tipers in my chat room. I recommend everyone to use ViewerBot, it really works !!!


I have been using this site for a long time, there have never been any problems with it. Support immediately responds, which is very surprised and pleased. I use the site for 3 years


Good afternoon, friends. I want to share my experience with this service. I recently signed up for a website and started researching the internet for promotion. my choice fell on viewerbot . Fast promotion and favorable prices. The site allows you to quickly get a large mass of subscribers, views and subscribers. Everything is clear, what to do and where to click, for me it is very important. I believe that this is a good platform for those who want to promote their page in webcam, at no extra cost. I am always happy with the result. I will be glad to further develop the site.


I've been using viewerbot for a few months now and I'm glad I saw your site. My income has grown very quickly and this is very cool. Thank you guys for a good program! I recommend!

Мила Виа

I want to share my opinion about Viewerbot, It is one of the best sites that allows you to easily recruit users to a chat room. Increasing the model's rating and visibility. I needed this service for a long time and I found it. Now I earn more than ever. I met with rich users and enjoy every day.


thank you very much)) attracts a lot of people and makes money. I advise you if you want to attract attention to your room and rise in the rating of models.


Great service, works well! I can count on extra viewers. day after day! every day again.
various methods to pay!
I use it daily! i love it! I can't do without it!


Excellent service tried the demo version everything works fine 300 viewers were hooked within 2 minutes! I want more! continue to delight us with your services!


I want to express my gratitude for the smooth operation of this site, when you ask questions to the support, the answers are fast enough, very easy work with the site, the cheat of guests on BongaCams is instant! I am happy to cooperate with you! Good luck to you


I am very glad that I saw your site. Now there are no problems with the members of the club. Always a full room that attracts tips. Revenue doubled. The rating has increased. The viewer bot allowed me to quickly fly into the webcam. Thank you, I will continue to work with you.


Hi! I used viewerbot for a few months and had no problems. My earnings went up like 25% on average. Fast support too. had a few questions regarding the bot and got a response fast.


A very good software! I recommend! Does his job efficiently and quickly! The support is great! Thank you very much for your prompt work.


[auto translation from Russian] I tried many different cheats, but settled on this site. The prices are low and the quality is good, you don't need more. Bots come instantly, the honesty of the site has been checked more than once. I will continue to use it and I advise you to try it!


[auto-translation from Russian] I want to thank your site for the excellent work and user-friendly interface! Plus, good prices, the work is always done with a plus. I have been using your services for a long time, I will continue in the same spirit! Super!


Very nice site, nice service, the bots working so good all perfect. This help a lot for grow ur earnings from the platforms. I started earning a lot thank to this, i can't stop using those bots, very useful!


[auto translation from Russian] This is a gorgeous development) it helps a lot in the work) I have no complaints) everything is fine) I advise


[auto-translation from Russian] I have been working in a webcam for more than 5 years and sometimes I need to wind up users to rise in the top. ViewerBot copes with this 100%. fast promotion. At a great price. No cheating. Reliable. I advise as I use it myself.


I think it is an excellent application, I tried it for the trial period and it served me correctly and it helped very well with the traffic, I could see how the paid and excellent version worked, very complete and functional. Recommended


[auto translation from Russian] I have been using the service since September 2020. Everything is clear and convenient. There are no complaints about the work. Works like a clock. Perhaps the best service for cheating bots and viewers for a webcam. Support helps quickly and efficiently.


[auto translation from Russian] When I need to catch high-quality bots to bongacams and chaturbats, I go to viewerbot. Excellent prices allow you to buy a sufficient number of people in the chat room and it is not bad to raise web models this way. everything is of high quality and reliable and has never failed. Thank.