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Terms of Service


This document includes the following definitions:

“ViewerBot”, “Company”, “Us”, “Our” and “Us” refer to ViewerBot company;

“Client”, “User”, “You”, “Your” refer to an individual, organization, or company that uses ViewerBot services;

“Service” or “Services” refer to any services provided by ViewerBot;

“Account” refers to a personal account on the ViewerBot website of an individual, organization, or company that uses ViewerBot services;

“Webcam sites” refer to websites that allow models to broadcast live through their webcam.


By using our site or purchasing our Services, You accept the Terms of Service and agree to follow the following terms. These terms are subject to amendments at any time without direct prior notice to You, and by visiting Our site and/or buying our Services, You hereby agree with the amendments made.


The Client agrees to accept and follow the terms of the present Terms of Service and all deadlines set by us. In case of any violation of deadlines and conditions, Service provision may be terminated without prior notice. ViewerBot reserves the right to make amendments to these deadlines and conditions.


You bear full responsibility for safe and appropriate use of logins, passwords and other information and must take any necessary steps to guarantee their confidentiality, proper usage and inaccessibility to unauthorized parties. You must immediately notify us if you have any reasons to believe that your login, password, or any other private information became open to any unauthorized party. We are not responsible for any loss of confidentiality or any damages that arise from your inability to follow these terms. You accept full responsibility for any actions performed under your login with or without Your knowledge. You agree to use ViewerBot Services in a legally responsible way.

You should not read, alter or launch files, or try to get access in any manner to files on Our servers that don’t belong to You. You should not try to get access to a Service on better conditions than you were provided with. You should not use ViewerBot to get unauthorized access to or use any other system or network.


Services are provided in accordance with terms described on the ViewerBot website and at a price indicated on the ViewerBot website. We reserve the right to amend, improve and permanently or temporarily terminate our Services (or any part of them) with or without prior notice, and You agree that ViewerBot has legal right to do that in relation to You or any third parties. The Company reserves the right to change the price of Services.

We do not offer you any guarantees that our Services will in any way affect the ranking and/or improvement of the positions of models in the ratings of Webcam sites.
We do not accept claims related to ranking and/or improving positions in the ranking on Webcam sites.

Our Services are associated with certain circumstances by which there is no 100% guarantee of the availability of the Service or Service additions at all times. Webcam sites can make amendments to their source code that will make the Service or Service additions unavailable (permanently or temporarily). We will not consider claims if any problems arise in the operation of additional functionality.

If one of our services is disabled, you will receive compensation for your losses once the normal operation of the Service is restored. You must file a support request within the paid period of the suspected incident via the ViewerBot Control Panel. Compensation will be added to your Account if the disconnection was not due to force majeure circumstances.

In the event of circumstances arising for reasons beyond the control of ViewerBot, the Company is not held accountable and does not make any compensations for the temporary suspension of Service provision.

Such circumstances include (but are not limited to):

- Internet connection issues in the Data Center;

- DDoS attack on ViewerBot servers and / or Data Center servers;

- Equipment failure on the part of the Data Center;

- Internet access restrictions in other countries and regions.


Any information provided to us will be stored on a server (a special purpose computer). We are fully dedicated to protecting your confidentiality. We will never sell, disclose or pass your private information to third parties, unless it’s required by law.


Services are provided on a prepayment basis. The fact that the Customer has ordered the Services is evidence of the Customer’s consent to these rules. The minimum prepayment period is 1 calendar day from the date the Services are provided to the Client (unless otherwise specified).


The User must comply with the rules established by ViewerBot, or immediately stop using the Service. You agree to immediately notify ViewerBot if you become aware of any unauthorized use of any or all of the Services intended for you. Your use of the Services must comply with international law and generally accepted moral standards. You must not use the Company's Services for any illegal purpose, including (but not limited to) publishing or displaying any illegal materials that carry threats, as well as malicious, abusive, harmful, fraudulent or defamatory information, or any kind of information that violates the rights of any third party, including (but not limited to) intellectual property rights and copyrights, as well as information that encourages criminal acts. You must immediately notify ViewerBot of any change in your email address or other contact details. ViewerBot cannot be responsible for any costs associated with damage or complete loss of data that the Customer may incur as a result of a refusal (failure) to notify ViewerBot of such changes. You agree to back up all of your data through the capabilities provided by ViewerBot. The company is not responsible for supporting any customer data or configurations. ViewerBot is not responsible for the content of information posted by the Client.

The User agrees to comply with the Terms of Service (Appendix No. 1).


The Company reserves the right to change the cost of Services provided by the Company depending on economic factors affecting the formulation of the Company’s pricing policy.


You can suspend Your Account at any time. You can’t handover your Account to other users without first notifying (with 30 days notice) ViewerBot of your desire to do so. All payments made by ViewerBot should be considered final; due to the nature and the cost of providing this service, refunds are recognized by the parties as impossible. Funds paid for the Service are not refunded if the payment period has already started. A partial refund is made in case of prepayment that exceeds the minimum payment period (meaning that you’ve paid more than 1 day). When calculating the refundable amount, the client is charged for the full cost of 1 day of Service provision, without including any discounts (time discounts, special offers, etc.).

Service provision may be terminated or suspended immediately and without prior notice if the Client is not able to pay the amount that must be paid in accordance with the Services provided and within the timescale agreed on the ViewerBot website or if, at the sole discretion of ViewerBot, the Client is unable to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

The Company reserves the right to terminate the contract of Services unilaterally without explanation. In this case, the unused funds remaining on the Account will be returned to the Client.

Refunds are made only via Cryptocurrency.


The Client agrees to indemnify ViewerBot, it’s employees and partners from any actions, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legally required payments), arising from Your violation of the payment terms, Your use or misuse of the Services provided by ViewerBot, as well as fully reimburse any costs, losses, fines, and damage arising from a violation by the Client (knowingly or for any other reason) of the rights of a third party, including (but not limited to) intellectual property rights and copyright.

Neither ViewerBot, nor anyone else involved in the creation, production or delivery of the Services, is obligated to compensate any losses incurred in connection with the provision (or non-provision) of the Services to the Client or any third parties (including negligence or violation of a statutory obligation) including but not limited to):

 - Financial losses of any kind;

 - Loss of profit, business contacts, income, or expected savings;

 - Loss of customer reputation;

 - Damage resulting from any claim made by any third party;

 - Indirect or consequential loss or damage of any nature whatsoever.

ViewerBot cannot be held responsible if it interrupts or stops providing any Services due to circumstances beyond its control, including (but not limited to):

- Government actions, war, riots, protests, strikes;

- Trade disputes (including with our own employees);

- Technical failure, unsuitability (unavailability) of the network, general unsuitability (unavailability) of the Internet, power failure, communications failure;

- Extreme weather events, floods, fire or explosion, or due to the imposition of a state of emergency.


Customer is prohibited from:

- reselling Services, as well as engaging in any other commercial activities related to ViewerBot (except for our partners).

- registering multiple accounts.

- use Services for webcam rooms of models who have not given their consent.

- exploiting vulnerabilities in any segment of ViewerBot (website, client section, servers, programs, etc.) if any are detected by the Client. (The Client must notify Us about the discovered vulnerability.)

- performing any actions that may adversely affect the quality of the ViewerBot Services and the work of the Company as a whole.

- distributing any malware and viruses through software, website, forum, etc.

If You fail to comply with the above terms of Appendix No. 1, ViewerBot reserves the right to terminate the provision of the Services to the Client and block their Account.

The Client can be refused in technical support for the following reasons:

- The client did not order and did not pay for the Services provided by ViewerBot;

- The client insults, falsely accuses or shows other forms of disrespect towards the administration, employees and clients of ViewerBot.