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Por que aumentar o número de espectadores?


Todo mundo sabe que chegar ao topo é muito difícil. Com a nossa ajuda, esse objetivo é real! Ajudaremos a tornar sua sala de bate-papo popular.


Subir ao topo aumentará o número de espectadores reais e, portanto, de clientes. Mais clientes - mais lucro!


O aumento de espectadores afeta o número de pessoas no chat. Seu chat de transmissão ganhará vida e se tornará popular!


Painel de controle

O painel de controle fácil de usar permite gerenciar todas as tarefas e configurações necessárias.

Preços baixos

Tarifas flexíveis, grandes descontos, preços adequados. Um grande número de métodos de pagamento.


Nossa equipe de suporte responderá às suas perguntas e ajudará com as configurações.



I have been looking for a suitable site with the necessary functionality for a long time and finally found it! There were always problems on other similar platforms: I had to contact support and fix the problems repeatedly. Here, everything works without failures and delays, and I can handle any tasks on my own. I am very glad that I found your site, thank you very much!


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I recently tried using the website for boosting views on Bongacams, and my experience was quite positive. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy to navigate even for beginners. The service provided an effective boost in viewership, significantly increasing my audience during live streams. Additionally, the customer support was responsive and helpful, addressing any questions I had promptly. Overall, I am satisfied with the results and would recommend this service to anyone looking to enhance their Bongacams presence.


Excellent support for Chaturbate. This year, after 7 years of working on Chaturbate, I struggled a lot with traffic.
After starting to use ViewerBot, within 2 weeks the condition improved significantly.
I recommend!!!


Thank you very much! Your site has been helping me to promote my accounts for years!!! everything works great. and the price is simply unrealistic nowadays!
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Everything works fine cam4, before that I stuck to the very top page, now I have moved forward. Honestly, I thought that this was not possible, I thought about it for a long time and I don’t regret it!

it`s me

Really great service! Traffic helps to remain upstairs! I would like more registered users, but even since there is now, it works fine. The number of guests comes evenly and smoothly. Everything is just as in the desсription.


Really liked the bot, the interface is as user friendly and clear as possible, and when enabled the bot instantly goes to work. Also there are bots for different sites, which maximizes the work . Thank you!

Полина Bonga

The service is a great help in promoting a page, the trial period showed its effectiveness, now I use it every day, it helps me earn more, the price for the service is reasonable, 350 more people come in x2


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